Why Use an 0800 Freephone Number?
Marketing companies and advertising agencies recommend 0800 numbers because of the desirable customer outlook on 0800 numbers. Research studies consistently show that you'll get more business if you advertise an 0800 number versus your local number -- no matter what kind of business you are in and no matter what or where your target market is.
Even companies that only do local business can see an increase in sales resulting from their 0800 numbers.
When youpromote your 0800 freephone number, the competition won't stand a chance; you'll be a step ahead and for obvious reasons. Businesses are benefitingall thetime from the use of 0800 freephone numbers.
We are living in a consumer-on-demand world. Consumers expect to be treated as assets. When you print a local phone number for people to call, you might as well be asking them to call a premium rate number. Customers believe they shouldn't have to pay to contact you because they are the one buying YOUR product. If you don't have an 0800 freephone number for them to call, most consumers will simply call someone else who does.
Advertising an 0800 freephone numbers in your  advertisements can show sales increases up to 1400%. This is why 0800 freephone numbers are considered an investment, not an expense.
Why Choose Us?
We are the Uk's leading supplier of 0800 Numbers and web based call solutions. All our numbers come with a minimum of 1000 inclusive minutes every month and all the call features shown as standard. The equiverlant call rate is 1 pence per minute for calls terminating to a UK landline. Packages start at only £10 per month for a standard 0800 number.
We have developed a portfolio of call handling products and live call information products that will cater for your every need when it comes to inbound call handling, call solutions and call management information. Control where your calls go and when with Call Planner, time of day routing, voicemail to email, divert on busy and much more. Route your calls professionally to the correct department using our Call Manager IVR solution or perhaps you need to record your calls using our Net Planner solution or queue your calls using our Call Director solution.